Jenny Jones
21 Years Advising Clients 

"My journey has been one filled with life lessons, experiences, and professional education.  I have taught over 5,000 students in my workshops, classrooms, and online webinars.  I am passionate in my pursuit to help busy professionals have a successful retirement."


Jenny Jones, Retirement Coach and Creator of the "Side Hustle Retirement Plan" a mobile app and comprehensive retirement plan that help working class professionals transition their skills into a profitable practice.

He is the author of "The 5 Retirement Mistakes", where he explains the five most critical mistakes that people often make headed into retirement. Jenny has been a registered financial professional for more than two decades; He felt that after advising hundreds of clients and professional athletes on their investment portfolios, his love for teaching and developing a graduate finance curriculum was an opportunity to help everyday people with a solid retirement plan.

Former at-large writer for Yahoo Finance, reality TV executive producer, graduate professor, and with a social media presence of more than 3,500 combined followers, Jenny is a sought out voice on all things retirement.  His podcast "Getting To Your Retirement Exit" has had more than 2,000 downloads in just under 12 months.  He has been featured in "Modern Ontrapreneur Magazine" for his business acumen in helping people create profitable small businesses from scratch.  He has also been featured on the Equilibria podcast as a small business development guest.

Books Now Available!
"How I avoided the 5 Most Critical Mistakes" is a book that is currently available on amazon in electronic book or audible formats. This book shares some of the most critical mistakes after interviewing more than 100 of my former and current clients on mistakes they avoided.
"The 3 Retirement Doors" is Jenny's upcoming book due to be release in summer 2021.  This book outlines the three major steps to retirement and how to step through the chosen door with confidence. use all assets from every account in a persons household to purchase real estate.  SLJLL
Jenny Jones
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